How the Ranking System Works

How Ranking Points Work as at April 2010  (by Karl)

How are Ranking points won (and lost)?Points are given for the four 'P's - Position, Placings, Personal Best, Participation / Marshalling. 

Ranks are calculated as follows: Position, Placing and PB points are firstly added together to get a points total for each race. The three highest race amounts are taken (so if you did five test tris, your top three count) and added to Participation and Marshalling points to give a final rank total. 

The person with the nost points at the end of the season gets their name on the trophy. There are 4 trophies - Male and Female for Senior and Junior. 

The most anyone can win in an actual event is 1,240 points - 1,000 points for winning time, 100 bonus points for overall win, plus 30 points for being first in each of three legs, plus 50 points if a new PB is set. 

The most points anyone can win in a season would be 3 times 1,240, plus 350 marshalling points, total 4,070.

  • Position - Your time vs the winner of your category
    The Winner of each category (male, female, junior male, junior female) earns 1,000 points, everyone else earns less than this based on how close they were to the winner. As an example, if a duathlon is won in 40 minutes, the person who finished in 44 mins would earn 900 points (the formula is Winning Time / Your Time x 1,000).

  • `Placings - in each leg and overall.
    These are earned for placing in any leg or overall. Overall winner gets 100 bonus points, 2nd place gets 50, 3rd place gets 30. For each leg the bonus points are 30 / 20 / 10 for 1st / 2nd / 3rd.

  • Personal Best Bonus Points.
    50 points every time you beat your PB.

  • Participation / Marshalling points.
    You gain 100 points for marshalling one of each series, plus you will also be awarded 50 points for each race you take part in. You will not earn any appearance points if you have not marshalled any race in a series.Maximum Marshalling points are 350.